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Hard & Soft Denture Relines at our Denture Clinic in Scarborough

Since the shape of your gums changes the longer you wear your dentures, it’s important to have a reline completed every few years or whenever comfort becomes a factor. Kontos Denture Clinic in Scarborough provides both hard and soft reline services. With an in-house lab, we can always ensure speed of service.

When is a Reline Required?

Some life events can cause resorption or “shrinkage” in your gum tissue. This can lead to discomfort when wearing dentures. Resorption often results from:

  • Weight Loss
  • Tooth Loss
  • Bone Loss
  • Aging
  • Disease or Illness

Hard Reline

In a hard reline, your denturist will remove some of the base material from inside the denture. The area will then be filled with a soft, putty-like material that will conform to the contours of your gums. This material will then harden to a more rubber-like consistency. Our in-house lab will then use this impression to create new base material using pink acrylic.

Soft Reline

If you are experiencing excessive tenderness or discomfort when wearing your dentures, a soft reline may be necessary to prevent sore spots on the gums. With our soft reline service, we can create a more pliable base surface with softer materials. This will help your dentures better conform to the gums and increase your level of comfort.

Soft relines generally last for several years. If the tenderness results from a resorbed ridge then implant-supported dentures may be a better long-term alternative.

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